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Being an Avon Representative
is the perfect opportunity to
set up your own online
business or meet new people
in your local area

Being an Avon Representative is the perfect opportunity to set up your own online business or meet new people in your local area


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A little bit about me...

Hi, I’m Rebekah Testar and I started with AVON in October 2002 when I was approached by a local recruiter on my way to a local playgroup with my two youngest children. This was the only time I had ever walked to the playgroup and I remember at the time thinking that agreeing was the only way I was going to get on my way!

At the time, my husband was very poorly and I was therefore very concerned and felt that AVON could be something which could take my mind off my worries and would also bring in some extra money for Christmas.

Having started as an AVON Representative I soon realised that the larger your customer base, the more money you could earn.

I now have a team of over 12,000 Avon sales representatives.

This MoneyDaily Mail FemailLantern Eye Productions
Rebekah Testar

My Awards...

Top Earner and Highest Team Award Sales 3 years running
"Team of the Year" 2012
Qualifier for Top Twenty Trip 5 years running
"Drive Your Dream" Car Achiever 12 years running
Nominated for "Team of the Year" 2009

I'm Featured in...

"Woman" Magazine
Leicester Mercury
"My Weekly" Magazine - Issue 21
The Sun

A little bit about AVON...

AVON are known worldwide as the leading direct seller of beauty products and cosmetics. With customers in over 100 countries, and over six million independent Sales Reps, few beauty brands can match AVON.

AVON are now one of the top beauty names in the UK, and supply much more than just make-up! There are whole books full of fantastic items for you to sell, including lingerie, jewellery, personal care products, accessories and gifts.

What could be better than selling products you are passionate about, and working the hours you want to work?

See what you can achieve and sign up with
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