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Can you do a full face of make-up using ONLY Avon make-up?


Here, I show you a fabulous look using purely Avon products. Avon, not only sell high quality products without the extortionately high price tags but sell such a vast variety of luscious beauty products too! 

Below you can see the products I used to create this look.

Now, you can read about me going on about my love of Avon products all day, but to know exactly how they are yourself, splash out and give them a go.

You will fall in love.

My number 1 Avon product just HAS to be their mascara, the "mark. Spectralash Mascara - Black" is fantastic. I can't emphasise on this enough, my eyelashes transform with this mascara. My next blog post shall be a transformation post for this product because GUYS, it has changed my life and the life of my little eyelashes! Stumpy eyelash days are OVER!


"mark. Spectralash Mascara - Black"

"True Colour Glimmerstick Liquid Pen - Black"


"mark. MagiX Face Primer"

"True Colour Flawless Liquid Foundation"

"mark. Setting Powder"


"mark.Liquid Lip Lacquer - Irresistable"


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