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Indroducing Avon's newest skincare range Adapt

The menopause, it's all a bit 'too little information'.

So let's start talking. The perimenopause is the transition stage before the menopause and happens around age 40. It's rarely discussed, despite the huge emotional and physical effects.

Perimenopause can have a negative effect on your skin too, with side effects including skin ageing, dryness and sensitivity.

Luckily, managing perimenopausal skin is about to get easier!

Chill in a Spritz

Hot flushes getting in the way of life? Take back control with the icy fresh facial mist that instantly cools, soothes and hydrates.

Dream of Better Skin

This moisturiser will work the night shift to help double collagen production and calm skin, with a lavender and jasmine scent to help you sleep.

Instant Moisture Boost

The lightweight serum that will instantly grant skin a moisture boost of 98% leaving it quenched, nourished and soothed.

Indroducing Avon Adapt Range
Indroducing Avon Adapt Range - Just £20 for all 3 products 
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