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Introducing the world's 1st rotational night cream

ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream

Can you build up resistance to your anti-aging creams?

It's the question on the lips of every skincare aficionado. Over half of UK women believe yes, "their skincare products stop working overtime"* and now, extensive research carried out by Avon Cosmetics, suggests that they're absolutely right. It's the reason they've created one of the first ever skincare formulations that continues to improve the signs of aging month after month, even over a full year. Backed by a year-long clinical study, ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream, £28, part of the award-winning ANEW Range, is a ground-breaking system offering anti-aging results that do not stall. ANEW Infinite Effects has been in development for over three years and was clinically tested for a full year with 116 women taking part in the trials with significant results.**

*Based on 55% of 606 women surveyed.
**Based on a six month clinical study of 116 women which used computerized image analysis


The key to its long-term efficacy is a Proprietary Rotational Technology. Made up of two formulas, you first apply Treatment Cream One for seven nights to replenish and prepare skin before swapping to Treatment Cream Two for the next seven nights to help repair the look of wrinkles. By switching back and forth between these two creams every seven days your skin will reap the superior benefits of the anti-aging Super Retinol Complex. It's the continuation of the rotational technology that helps provide continuous results that do not stall even over a full year.


The hero ingredients in the first formula consists of Phytol, a plant derived antiaging active and high levels of humectant. Combined, they work together to prep, replenish and moisturise skin. They also prepare your skin to receive the Super Retinol Complex in phase two.


Now that your skin is prepared, the Super Retinol Complex helps reduce the signs of aging and boost collagen. By binding to your skin's surface, the Super Retinol Complex has the ability to dramatically improve the look of tone, clarity and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.


For a long time pure retinol has been considered to be the best cosmetic treatment for wrinkles. With ANEW Infinite Effects you can get even better results on wrinkles that intensify over time. If you don't believe us then listen to the women who have trialled the product over the past year and have seen for themselves the incredible results.
Finally it's time to say goodbye to lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark spots and reveal dramatically younger looking skin.

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