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Become an Avon Representative today for just £1, .This weekend only.


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Avon - it's really flexible and we would love to get you started.

Sign up with Avon is just £1 - receive all your materials like books, bags, order forms etc for your first two campaigns.

You can earn up to 30% commission.

We work on a monthly basis so you would show out your brochures and gather in as many orders as you can. You then input them on your Avon website and the goods will take around 3-5 days to arrive with you. You would then hand over the goods to each customer and collect in the money. Let's say you have sold £300 worth of Avon, you would pay Avon £225 and keep the extra £75 for yourself.

You will receive the following commission:

£1 - £99.99 - 15% commission
£100 - £249.99 - 20% commission
, £250 - £2999 25% commission
and over £3000 it's a huge 30% commission!

We also have a pure vegan range called 'Distillery' which contains both skincare and make up products.

You also receive your very own FREE online store which you can promote on all your social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. You could also post on Groups such as For Sale Groups to really boost your customer base and sales.

If you are interested simply click here to join:-

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Whether you're looking to meet new people, try Avon products or build your own business, we'll make it our mission to help you achieve it.


Earning with Avon is just the start. As a Rep you'll be given exclusive discounts, product offers and free gifts. We'll also make sure that you can reward your customers too with product and delivery offers.


Open the door to flexible earning
that you can control.

With your online store you can sell anywhere in the UK and AVON will deliver for you direct to your customer and you will still get paid commission on your online sales.


Sell over £250 in your 1st campaign to
secure 25% discount in your next too. Plus,
receive exclusive benefits when you're
one of our top performers.

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