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Julie Finch

Julie Finch

All made possible thanks to Avon

I decided to start selling Avon when I moved to a village from a very busy town as I didn’t know anyone and thought it would be a great way to get to know the locals. It was the best thing I could have done! Within a short space of time I made new friends and was invited to different get togethers and within a year or so I was asked to be a Parish Councillor as they realised people actually stop and talk to the Avon Lady.

After a year of being a rep, I decided I needed something a bit more so I asked about sales leadership. I didn’t know how I would get on as I had no experience in this field.

It soon became clear I could do this, so after dabbling a bit i decided to go for some of the incentives on offer.

Every year Avon hold their conference where around 500 sales leaders get tickets and I have been lucky to go to three in my time as a Sales Leader. The first time I saw people being recognised for their achievements on stage and thought I would love to be up there with them. The second one I went to I won an incentive for recruiting and was awarded £75 of Love to Shop vouchers. This year 2014, I was awarded as one of the top 20 Sales leaders in the country and my prize is an all expenses paid holiday to the Algarve. I really can’t wait to be going with my husband , who is very supportive , and also my Upline Sales Leader, Rebekah Testar, who was awarded as Number 1.

I set myself small goals from the start, from buying a sewing machine to paying for swimming with dolphins with my family, to weeks away with my family in Lanzarote.

There are so many places I want to visit with my family that I really can’t wait to explore them, all made possible thanks to Avon especially now the NEW Live leadership structure is in place!

Janet Sheldon

Janet Sheldon

Avon has changed my life

I started doing Avon as a representative three years ago just to try and earn a bit extra for a family holiday. Although I worked full time, as a single mum with two teenage daughters, I was only managing to pay my mortgage and bills and had no money for little extras. I now have a team of around 200 and some campaigns, I earn more with Avon than I do in my full time job. Avon has changed my life in that I always have money in the bank, can treat myself and my children and don’t have to worry if I get an unexpected bill. My youngest daughter has just booked on a week away to Paris with school and this is now easily affordable, three years ago it would have been impossible.

Aside from the financial advantages, I have met so many lovely supportive people as well and there is always help readily available to help me manage and build my business. It’s exciting to know that this is only the start.

Janette Popplewell

Janette Popplewell

It has been liberating to be my own boss

I joined Avon in 2006 as I needed a hobby and I quickly established a productive customer base.

It was very enjoyable, I met so many new people and the extra money in my first year went towards our family holiday abroad.

I received an award in my first year, and have been invited to some amazing recognition events year on year.

In 2010 I took the next step into Sales Leadership and have been developing a team of Representatives and Sales Leaders since then. The earning opportunity in this has enabled me to give up my full-time job and be entirely self-employed. It has been liberating to be my own boss, the flexibility of this job means I can work whatever hours suit me and this has enabled me to have a far better work-life balance. Joining Avon has been life-changing for me for so many reasons.

Liz Laws

Liz Laws

I had no idea that Avon offered such an exciting opportunity

My name is Liz Laws and I have been an Avon Representative and Sales Leader for 8 years now. I am currently at Advanced Executive Leader level and hope to achieve Senior Executive level by the end of next year. I have won Top 20 Sales Leader trips to Berlin, Rome and Portugal which have been amazing. I initially joined Avon to earn some extra money whilst being a stay at home mum with my young children. I had no idea that Avon offered such an exciting opportunity to run your own successful business. I can seriously say I have never looked back and feel very grateful to be part of such a successful team.

Ian Jobling

Ian Jobling

This was an opportunity I was not going to miss.

My name is Ian Jobling. I am an Independent Executive Sales Leader and my Avon journey started in August 2009.

I recognised the incredible opportunity with Avon immediately. Avon, an iconic brand name quoted on the NYSE, products everyone uses everyday at affordable prices and amazing product quality together with a payplan which changes people’s lifestyles and income.

This was an opportunity I was not going to miss.

My background is in Sales and Politics. I loved what I was doing and enjoyed a good income with little time freedom.  I got started very part time to build an extra income over a period of time to build an extra pension plan.

What has happened since – In 2012 my Avon income allowed me to give up my full time job. This allowed me to spend more time building my Avon business and income. As well as a growing very healthy 5 figure income I qualified for the Sales Leader Top 20 trip of a lifetime to Marrakech in April 2014.

The most satisfying thing this business brings is the incredible people I work with as business partners, seeing other people change their lives towards financial and time freedom from a ‘proper job’.

Nadine & Wayne Rowlands

Nadine & Wayne Rowlands

Since January 2011 we have worked together

We are Nadine and Wayne Rowlands and are independent AVON Sales Leaders.  We joined AVON as Sales Leaders in August 2005 around our then full-time jobs.  Wayne worked as an Engineer and Nadine was a Legal Secretary.  We started because we desperately needed to earn some extra money…. and so our AVON journey began.

After 3 years Wayne left his full-time job and 2 years later Nadine left her full-time job and since January 2011 we have worked together building our AVON business and helping our team of representatives and sales leaders to grow their AVON businesses too.

We are both currently at Executive level and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help our team members.  During the time we have been doing AVON we have qualified for incentives which AVON run.  For instance, we have qualified for trips to Prague, Majorca, Monte Carlo, Berlin, Malta, Rome and Marrakesh.  We have also qualified for cars with AVON which is a massive achievement.

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